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Play with English - a theatre project in 2A and 2D!

On the 3rd of November 2014, the DLP classes 2a and 2d welcomed Londoner drama-teacher Patrick Dowman to "play with English". Here are some of the pupils’ comments:

I found it interesting because it was something new. (Caroline, 2d)

I really liked Play with English because we played "Simon says" and were able to ask Patrick funny questions. (Melanie, 2a)

It was so funny and I think we must do this again. (Luka, 2a)

I can remember "Simon says" and Patrick tricked us. (Kyla, 2a)

I want Patrick for my birthday party.

Play with English was great because we built letters with our bodies. (Tim, 2d)

I think it was really exciting because the children had great ideas. (Marie, 2d)


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