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Sprachreise der 6ABC nach Brighton 2015

Auch heuer verbrachten die 6. Klassen wunderbare 2 Wochen auf Sprachreise. Die Bilder und Kommentare unserer SchülerInnen sprechen für sich:


One of the most beautiful places in England was "The Seven Sisters". (Roman, 6C)

Our host family was lovely, especially the father was very funny. (Peter , 6C)

The leisure time after school was great. We could do a lot of things like going to the Pier, eating ice cream etc. (Clemens, 6C)

Our time in London was just amazing. The sights were fabulous and the people were really friendly. (Isi & Yiru, 6A)

We had the time of our life on the beach! (Shabi, 6A)

I don't know why everyone claims that British food is awful. I think it was delicious! Maybe I was just lucky with my cake- and chocolate-loving host mother. (Vivi, 6C)

At school we were divided into different groups. Some of the topics were for example "British culture", "Travelling" and "Music". However, we also did lots of grammar. (Selin & Roxy, 6C)

One of the best things in England was my host family. Their house was big and modern. My host mother was one of the sweetest and friendliest people I have ever met. And she was such a great cook! (Sarah, 6C)

The time in Brighton was awesome, because I had a lot of fun. Even school was interesting, although I had expected it to be boring. (Bono, 6A)

Brighton is a beautiful city. I enjoyed taking a walk along the sea. (Yenlin, 6C)


(Text/Fotos: Mag. N. Widmar)