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6AB trip to Ireland 26th September – 7th October 2016

We will never forget our trip to Ireland: The friendly people, the breath taking scenery, the interesting Irish culture and all the fun the students had together with their very kind teachers at the language school in lovely Galway

...but we will let the students speak for themselves...

"The weekend was very exciting and the view from the Cliffs of Moher over the Atlantic Ocean was wonderful. The host families were quite friendly and we spoke a lot of English" (Hagen and David)

"Ireland was grand because the activities were fun and interesting" (Anonymous)

"The trip that we enjoyed the most was the trip to the Aran Islands because it was really nice how we got there. First we took the ferry to the islands and then we rented bicycles to get to the top of the Aran cliffs" (Tony and Alex).

"The Irish dancing was a great experience but I would have preferred to have more time to practise it" (Isabella).

"We went to a Gaelic football match with our host family and it's very different from Austrian football. We needed a lot of time to get the rules of this game" (Buse and Isabella).

"The craic was 90 (It was a lot of fun)! Joyce's is life. It was a nice experience and I'll never forget the great time there" (Gävin).

"Galway is one of the most beautiful places I've been to. The best thing in Galway is that there is always something going on and that you always meet new people" (Sheryl).

"The fish was delicious" (Daisy).

"The Irish people are extremely nice. They love cheese and bread so much that it is a fetish" (Moritz and Flo).

"The teachers at the school are very kind and we played a lot of games in the lessons" (Erik).


(T/F: Mag. Sabathy, Mag. Widmar, Mag. Mallinger, Mag. Benkö)